Supporting Artists with Coffee

Join us in revolutionizing how artists are funded

50% of profits go directly to artists

About Art X Coffee

At Art X Coffee, we collaborate with a new emerging artist each month and promote their artwork on our limited run specialty coffee sourced from around the world.

50% of profits from each subscription goes directly to the artist. Art X Coffee goes beyond a simple coffee subscription; we're a platform that champions and promotes emerging artists. Through each subscription, we embark on a collaborative journey, supporting a new artist every month.

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    Discover our monthly subscription plan. Featuring collectable limited edition artist packaging and a new specially sourced coffee each month.

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    Savor our coffee while making a difference. 50% of profits from your subscription directly supports emerging artists.

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    Immerse yourself in interviews, artist talks, and exclusive original art releases by each month's featured artist. Elevate your collection and engage with the artists.